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Wendy Raine Lucky Anne in The Lucky Rebel

Lucky Anne’s introduction to Wendy Raine’s step-uncle, Nicky, has always been handled cautiously. According to Wendy, Nicky has always been a rambunctious man who is cunning and gets what he wants. But Wendy and Lucky are forced to summon Nicky for assistance when one of their tires flattens. Nicky notices Lucky right away. Her ass is so intense and delicious that it hardly fits in the skimpy shorts she is wearing. She is a curvaceous beauty. Nicky is also noticed by Lucky. Her step-uncle may have a large dick and is rather attractive. It doesn’t take Jessica long to realize that Nicky has feelings for her. Nicky wraps his arms over Lucky’s back and gives her a firm ass squeeze. The squeeze is an instant turn-on, and feelings of lust flood Lucky’s mind. She knows she has to get her step-uncle to fuck her, and soon. The next day, Lucky puts on a revealing outfit and returns to Nicky’s house to seal the deal. Nicky is stunned, but like the rebel he is, he will gladly fuck his horny step-niece. Lucky is blown away by her step-uncle’s cock, and wastes no time getting it into her mouth. She knows what she is doing is taboo, but his dick feels so good inside of her that she doesn’t care.