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Scarlett Alexis-Ripe for the Taking Part 2: Ulterior Motives

Scarlett Alexis’s new stepbrothers, Apollo and Jay, as well as her godparents, Molly and Ryan, are her living arrangements now that her parents have passed away. Scarlett is scared and lost since she doesn’t know how to live in a world without her parents. Scarlett’s level of lust and heat are beyond Apollo and Jay’s comprehension. They both know they want to fuck her the moment they glimpse up her skirt. Later that evening, the boys play a game of truth or dare in the kitchen, which gives them an opportunity to play about with their new stepsister. Before the guys realize it, Scarlett is blowing both of them off on her knees. Scarlett fits their cocks down her throat so easily, even though she’s so novice to sex. She pushes Jay and Apollo to the limit so they will work for her, but Apollo starts to doubt the stepfamily arrangement and comes dangerously close to telling Scarlett their secret.