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Maya Woulfe Aviana Violet-Dirty Little Fantasy

Aviana Violet discovers that her spouse Donnie has been observing Maya Woulfe, their adoptive daughter. Rather of being angry when she catches him off guard while smelling the young girl’s panties, she chooses to playfully tease him about playing with her. The thought of her husband fucking their own stepdaughter makes Aviana sexy, so she jerks him by stroking Donnie’s dick with Maya’s underwear. When Donnie and Aviana begin to develop feelings for Maya, what begins as a harmless daydream swiftly spirals out of control. Abruptly, Aviana starts instructing her stepdaughter on how to suck the man’s dick. Playing with stepdaddy’s dick is a new and unpleasant family ritual started by stepmom and stepdaughter.