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Kiki Klout in Why So Mean?

The more Kiki Klout imagines what Johnny’s cock might look like, the more aroused she becomes. Even though his stepsister was a jerk, Johnny always thought her was attractive. Her 10 out of ten tits and rocking figure always turned him on, even though he knows it’s prohibited to think that way. She hides under the covers on Johnny’s bed and waits for him to get home to demonstrate to him that she is prepared to make a decision. brother in an attempt to patch things up? She was getting more and more thrilled as she stroked him all over, almost like a toy, even if it seemed excessive. Johnny is completely astounded by his stepsister’s 180-degree turnabout and a little alarmed by how much he’s enjoying this show she’s putting on. They’ve gone too far now, and Johnny knows he’s about to fuck Kiki and that no one can ever know about this risque rendezvous. Now with his shorts around his ankles, Kiki sucks the lucky studs cock. She’s amazed at the size and tells him he can’t cum too quickly. He abides by her rules and does everything in his power not to cum during the blowjob, holding out with all his will so he can fill her pussy up when the time comes.

Actors: Kiki Klout