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Chloe Rose-One Last Trip Together

Before Chloe Rose leaves for college, Clarke and she take one more trip to their family vacation home. Clarke is not too fond of the fact that she is moving in with her partner. He desires that his stepdaughter have the best possible college experience. They immediately begin reminiscing about how much fun they used to have with Chloe when she was a young child. She used to get in her bathers and head to the lake to swim with her stepdad. Now that she’s an adult, Clarke wants to go swimming one more time, but not before asking herself if her partner is truly meeting her requirements. Clarke discovers that the guy is unable to satisfy her by toying with her little girl’s pussy, so he takes out his cock to check how Chloe responds. While on the phone with her boyfriend, the promiscuous blonde begins to lick her stepdad’s cock. Chloe wants to wander off and go to the lake, proving she is skilled at eating dick, but Clarke persuades her to stay for a more juicy activity.

Actors: Chloe Rose